Exciting Changes – Say Hello to Just Charming Weddings

Dearest Readers,

(Drumroll please…)

This will be the final post on Without A Hitch Blog as a separate website… But fear not, this is because… we have a brand new, fancier website and new name – hurrah!

There’s been a few changes over the past few months – all of which have been leading up to this very moment. The launch of our new and exciting venture Just Charming Weddings – this website will be the home of not only our archived posts, but also any new posts helping you Brides & Grooms (to be) plan your big day – so please come over and check it out!

Alongside the blog, we are now offering services (finally!). We have been contacted in the past regarding freelance coordination and we are now at the stage where we am able to start taking bookings, so please do spread the word! We are based in South Wales but will be more than happy to travel further afield if required, so don’t be afraid to get in touch…

Just Charming Weddings also offers hiring and styling services to couples, as well as freelance coordination to venues directly. For more information, please head over to the new website.

See you on the other side!

Stacey xoxo


The Hottest Bridal Trends In 2016 – Statement Wedding Dresses

Every season, the fashion wind picks up and blows a brand new array of fabulous new styles for you fashion conscious brides-to-be. When you go wedding dress shopping for the first time, I really do recommend that you have a stylish friend come along and pick out a wide choice of dresses for you to try. Those dresses you never would have looked twice at may just work and you really don’t know until you try them on your figure.

So many people can picture their perfect wedding dress, sometimes before they even find their perfect partner! And yet, the number of women that try on these dresses only to realise that the dreamy empire line, fitted dress does nothing for their hourglass figure or a full skirt to hide their pear shaped body only makes them look bigger. It’s a cruel world out there, isn’t it!

Time to take a look at these gorgeous new trends for 2016/17 – and before you dismiss them right off the bat, go and try them on for yourself – you’ll be amazed!

Watercolour Wonder

Whether it’s your statement wedding dress or your bridesmaid colour theme, watercolours are a huge trend right now. There are some amazing wedding dresses with a hint of watercolour or ombre style dye which adds a pop of colour and really makes your wedding dress stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, mismatched bridesmaid dresses in watercolour look great and would really suit a Spring/Summer wedding.

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Top Must Haves For Your Coachella Inspired Wedding Day

Coachella-fever is upon us once again and that means one thing – summer is here and the festival season has well and truly begun! Why not bring a piece of Cali to your summer wedding and give it a festival twist? Check out these ideas for your Coachella-inspired day…

Venue: Bell tent, Marquee or Stretch tent

Whats the difference, you ask?

Bell Tent

The true festival tent – perfect for chill out areas and perhaps the bridal suite for the wedding night! If you’ve ever been glamping, you’ll know they make great accommodation for the night. You wouldn’t want to squeeze your wedding breakfast into one but they’d make a beautiful addition to any Coachella-inspired wedding day!


Traditional Marquee

The perfect sized marquee to host the majority of the day – potentially a wedding blessing, the wedding breakfast, the evening do… A tradition marquee offers a huge amount of space and flexibility. They have large poles to hold the structure which look great when decorated with fairy lights and flowers! Continue reading

Plus Ones – How To Tactfully Avoid Guest List Problems

It’s one of the most awkward decisions you will need to make for your wedding – usually this, along with your seating plan! Guests can get very involved in your wedding when it affects them, and this is where tensions can build. To avoid any of this, you need to really think long and hard about your guest list – who will make the cut?

There is a very mixed opinion on this in the wedding world. Your budget will often influence how picky you are on your numbers and therefore who is allowed a plus one. For starters, any married couple should have their partner invited – whether you have met them or not. Even if you don’t particularly like them, the etiquette is to bite the bullet and invite them anyway (sorry!). As much as it’s ‘your day, your way’ it can really cause problems if you do not invite a spouse and with all the planning priorities you will have, this should not be one of them!


Now, what about long term partners? Continue reading

Solving The Top 5 Problems For Brides & Grooms-To-Be

Everyone knows weddings are stressful – it’s all part of the package. Predicting the problems ahead of time and figuring out the best solution for you may just be the way to ensuring a smooth wedding day.

So what do you think the main problems will be? I can certainly tell you from my experience the common ones which seem to come up time and time again- and it’s not always what you may think!

1. Donated DIY decor from family members

They think they’re doing you a favour – what’s better than handmade decorations from your family members, saving you both time and money? I’ll tell you what is better – shop bought ones OR only pre-agreed decorations made from specific materials you’ve chosen. Sure, Auntie Sheila is a great sewer ‘bunting should be no problem for her‘. But make sure you buy the fabric, you let her know the flag size and spacing and you have the final say before Aunty Sheila spends weeks of her retirement sewing bunting you will never want to grace your venue.


Another option would be to ask those who really want to get involved to make things which are less high on your list of priorities – for example, a flower arrangement on the buffet table or additional decoration for the smaller areas of the venue. They’re happy, you’re happy – win win! Continue reading

Top Budget Bohemian Venues Worth Your Time

If you’re anything like me, you know the style of wedding venue you want – it’s whimsical, it’s bohemian, it’s rustic, natural, vintage… It’s all of these wonderful styles wrapped into one awesome venue!

Finding the perfect venue is certainly not simple – it requires research, determination, time and most importantly, vision. Your perfect venue may be right under your nose, you just haven’t even considered it yet. What’s more, it could save you a heap of money, especially if you have any connections in the right places…

For me, my favourite venues are those that are a little alternative – perhaps they’re not even wedding venues, maybe they’re a working farm! But if you have that all important ‘vision’, even the rustiest cow shed could be your beautiful wedding venue.


Colourful beach huts are stunning – if you love the beach, why not make it your perfect venue? Either find a line of small, multicoloured huts to rent for the day or go for a larger hut which you can host your entire party in. Hopefully, the weather would be great so most of your day could be spent with the sand between your toes – but a roof over your head will be sure to come in handy!

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Winter Wedding Outfit Ideas For 2015

Having a winter wedding? Great news – there are some stunning accessories and dress styles you can take full advantage of! While summer weddings are all about light, floaty dresses, winter weddings are the high of sophistication, with fur shrugs, silky long sleeved dresses and sparkling silver tones.

Check out my favourite winter wedding outfit ideas below…


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‘Fall In Love’ With These Autumn Wedding Ideas

It’s my favourite time of the year, with glowing oranges, rusty reds and bright dazzling yellows – autumnal colours are enough alone to make this a magical time of the year. Paired with rustic wooden features, yummy seasonal food and the fun of fireworks and halloween, it’s not hard to see why so many couples are now choosing this time of the year to say their vows. Another huge bonus? Many venue offer discounts and package deals in this off peak period and the choice of dates should be more in case you’re running behind schedule.

Summer is undoubtably the most popular (and expensive!) time to get married, as everyone wants the best chance of good weather as possible. Well, let me tell you – every single wedding I worked at in August this year had rain, some with torrential rain most of the day… The October weddings? They had beautiful blue skies, dry weather and one couple even climbed a mountain to exchange their vows – sure, it was a little crisp, but surely that’s better than a sweaty, humid day in the heat of summer?

My verdict – October is one of the (if not THE) best months of the year to get married. Not convinced? Take a look at these Fall/Autumn wedding ideas…

Venue Ideas

The rustic feel of a Barn venue is perfect for a Fall-themed wedding. Add a sprinkling of fairy lights, a leaf-lined aisle and hundreds of candles and you have yourself a dream autumn wedding! Hay bales make great seating, particularly if you’re having an outdoor ceremony and need stable seating on soft or unlevelled ground. Cover with throws or blankets for decoration, as well as to prevent irritation for those perching on them!

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Top Short Style Wedding Dresses 2015

Many brides-to-be now prefer the modern option of a short wedding dress, rather than the traditional long, sweeping train your mothers wedding dress is likely to have. Why?

Well, there are huge benefits to opting for a short wedding dress:

  1. No train to trip over/trip others over/tangle walking down the aisle (*delete as appropriate!).

    You picture yourself walking down the aisle, effortlessly, with your train perfectly flowing behind you… However, it doesn’t always work out like this! Many bridesmaids now enter the room first, leaving – well, no one – to sort out your train at the last possible opportunity. If you’re getting married outside or have to enter from an outside door, this is particularly a pain. Save the hassle – go for a cute, calf length dress instead!


  3. Bad weather will ruin your dress if you have to go outside at all.

    Your dress will be likely to stay in much better condition if you’re not dragging it along the floor all day – makes sense, right?


  5. You can dance more freely.

    No need to change into another dress for the evening or remove any trains.
    You’re perfect as you are!


  7. You can show off those pins!

If you’re having a summer wedding, it just makes total sense – but even if you opt for a winter wedding, a cute 50’s style wedding dress and fur shrug look like something out of a fairytale!

Take a look at these top short style wedding dresses to go for in 2015…


Can’t quite decide whether you fancy taking the full plunge and going for a short dress? Why not choose both – opt for an asymmetric style, giving you a traditional look from behind, but allowing you to walk more easily and show off those legs with a shorter front… It’s the perfect compromise!

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Real Wedding: July 2015 Kathryn & Gareth At Glangrwyney Court

A beautiful Japanese-themed, surf-esque wedding I worked on back in July at my full time venue Glangrwyney Court. As featured on Tom Harper Photography’s blog, their wedding photographs really capture the relaxed atmosphere throughout the day and the happiness literally radiating from this young couple!



So – Japanese themed, surf-esque I hear you say… How? Well, Kathryn and Gareth decided to adorn the Barn venue with 1000 carefully folded paper cranes, which relates to an ancient Japanese tradition, with the crane representing longevity, truth, fidelity and good health.

According to Japanese tradition, anyone with the patience and commitment to fold 1,000 paper cranes will be granted their most desired wish! With this idea, Kathryn set about finding crane-folders through any means necessary – luckily, she works in a school and had a pupil who was particularly good at origami! She made many herself and also enlisted the help from friends and family to get to the all-important 1000 total.

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